Direct Mail and Postcards

Direct mail is very effective communication for promotions, sales and events.


Postcards are the backbone of the direct mail world.

The simple postcard, perhaps one of the most cost effective, multi-use marketing tool. Advertise new products or promote upcoming events store opening or open houses. These could be classified as non-profit events, church, contests, real estate postcards or anything you need to communicate.

With Ansun, create your designs and let us provide you with our professional printing service. Ansun Print Pros can save you from the hassle of distributing your postcards! We offer Direct Mail services, and we can even doEvery Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®)

EDDM® is a service by USPS that's significantly cheaper than traditional mailing solutions. What makes things easier is that unlike traditional mailing, you don't need a mailing list or a permit for EDDM®. Instead, you can simply provide the routes to where you want your print advertisements to be delivered.

Count on Ansun to provide you with a wide selection of postcard sizes and paper stock that's first-class and EDDM®-ready.