Our Team

These are the professionals of printing.

These are the people that make Ansun Print Pros.

Team Members

Jeffery Schoenfeld

Jared Massett
CEO/Director of Sales

Joe Mulligan

Todd Thomas

Marilyn Ryan

Patrick Burke

Jerry Markee

Jane Sadler
Graphic Design

Todd Dorsey
Eric Freidel
Bob Pfeiffer
Jim Wenham

Employment Opportunities

Interested in joining the Print Pros? See the current employment and career opportunities available at Ansun.

Ansun Philosophy

Since our doors first opened in 1995 we have earned a reputation for unmatched customer service, superior craftsmanship, and creative solutions to today’s challenges in commercial printing. Ansun was founded with the following philosphy. We believe in…

> Insight, NOT hindsight
> Asking, NOT assuming
> Collaboration, NOT isolation
> Knowing, NOT pretending
> Being proactive, NOT reactive
> Value, NOT cost
> Our customers' needs, NOT what we think
> Fresh air, NOT hot air
> Bigger is NOT better
> Better is BETTER